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  • This course contains several modules in Videos and Learning material.
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Course: Longevity Quest – Ben Greenfield


Descarga del curso Ben Greenfield - Longevity Quest

Experience the quick science-based biohacks Ben Greenfield uses with world-class athletes, outstanding CEOs and other high achievers to effortlessly improve your health and longevity.


What is the Ā«Longevity QuestĀ» course about?

The Longevity Blueprint program is an easy-to-follow process that constantly improves your overall well-being and rewards you with a body that looks good, feels great, works to its full potential, and lasts.

For 7 weeks, you will join Ben Greenfield in a series of daily 15-20 minute online lessons designed to simulate a private 1-on-1 session with him (which typically costs over $ 4,997 a month and has a reserved waiting list months in advance). .

In each session, he will discover a transformation strategy, technique or biohack that is fun and easy to incorporate into his daily schedule, no matter how busy or stressed he is.

As he progresses through the show, he will quickly notice profound changes in how his body looks and feels. And when he comes to the end, he will have all the tools, habits and knowledge that he needs to live the rest of his life in a state of extraordinary well-being and longevity.


Transform your body, your health and your life with the longevity plan

The Longevity Blueprint program is an easy-to-follow protocol that combines cutting-edge body performance science with the time-tested traditions of the world’s longest-lived cultures, giving you the ultimate solution for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

In just 5 to 20 minutes a day, your body reconditions itself with natural physiological changes that elevate every marker of your well-being, from your strength and mobility, to your energy levels and longevity, and more.

But what you won’t find in this program are long grueling workouts that leave you sore and exhausted.

Why? Because the latest science has shown that many of the vigorous workouts promoted by the fitness industry actually cause widespread inflammation, damage the cardiovascular system, erode joints, and actually age faster!

And so instead of pushing yourself harder, running longer, or doing more reps, enjoy a wonderfully streamlined process that takes as little time and effort as possible and transforms it into four key areas: Fitness | Health | Beauty | Longevity



What you are going to learn

Optimize your fitness.
From your stamina and strength, to your speed and stamina, discover easy-to-follow biohacks and protocols that quickly raise all your fitness markers.

Build a better physique.
Get a beautiful head-to-toe aesthetic. Melt unwanted fat. And improve the definition of your muscles according to your ideal body type.

Gain muscle and strength.
Create a strong, robust body that can do more, last longer, go the distance, and recover even faster from workouts.

Improve your sports performance.
Whether you’re a committed athlete or weekend warrior, discover smart tricks to perform at your best in any form of physical activity or sport.

Increase your mobility.
Condition your body for a wider range of motion by strengthening your joints, improving your flexibility, and fixing your posture.

Amplify your energy.
Replace lethargy and sluggishness with unlimited energy to make the most of each day and maximize your productivity.

Living longer.
Prepare yourself for a long and satisfying life by optimizing your immunity, metabolism, and other physiological markers of longevity.

Look and feel younger.
Reverse your biological age inside and out, erase the symptoms of aging and disease, and look and feel your best.


Longevity Quest Curriculum

Descargar Ben Greenfield - Longevity Quest




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